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About Plumeria

Plumeria is a hardy plant requiring little care. If you have frosty winters, bring it indoors. A cutting planted in the spring will leaf in the summer and blossom the second year. In warmer climates it is not unusual for a cutting to blossom the first year. With the exception of the Obtusa species (commonly known as Singapore), plumeria shed their leaves in the winter and sprout new ones in the spring. The size of the container will control the size of the plant. Plumeria planted in a 1 gallon pot will yeild a 2-3 foot plant. An unattended tree planted in the ground can grow as high as 30 ft.

We sell cuttings based on the number of growth tips. The picture on the right is a two tip Jeannie Moragne Jr. rooted cutting that has been potted for 6 months.

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